11 x 14

The 11 x 14's are my daily practice. I always have a short stack of them on my studio table as layers of acrylic paint are applied by squeegee passes and brushes. It's a meditation. The works themselves morph until they cross their own finish line. Some are a mad sprint, others a measured pace as they each find their way towards what they are suppose to be. It's not always so dramatic. When it's rolling, it's unconcious art making flipping boards over faster than they can dry without a moment to waste. Thinking about nothing and everything at the same time. I am always looking to be surprised by the results which is why I am always going after new imagery. Every one is different. Every one an original piece of art. There is an odd and familiar rotation of marks and color fields that keep the momentum going, as I often work on a few at a time, searching. They keep the creativity active and even though they are relatively small I believe some of my best work lies within this format.